Сортировка работ в портфолио

Criticall mass 2011

“Critical Mass” is an international contemporary art project which explores urban life in a big city, using St. Petersburg as an example. The project brings together artists, curators and social scientists so they may envisage the most critical and relevant processes within such an environment.


For this project we’ve done logo, corporate identity, booklet, invitation, poster, catalog, information board, t-shirt, banner, flayer, etc.

wire for 3D model
Flayer card


Also was created the project catalog with 60 pages.
Anna Bitkina


“TOK” curates public art project “Critical Mass” since 2010. The project takes place in open locations and public places of St Petersburg every second year. “Ambito” is a design studio that created recognizable visual identity and design of “Critical Mass”. We were very happy to work with designers of “Ambito” that’s why we have continue to work with “Ambito” in following years. For the next editions of “Critical Mass” in 2013 and 2014 “Ambito” created design for printed materials and inforgraphics as well.

The project did

Mikhail Komarov (design of the project)
Andrey Losich (layout designer)
Marina Boroda (manager of the project)

Project like this cost about €2000