Сортировка работ в портфолио

Furniture for schools

The shelf is composed of two kinds modules. The first module resembling letter “Y”. The second module looks like parallelepiped with sloping sides. This shelf you can construct like you want. Concept of the shelf passed a shortlist of the “Russian design” competition and took third place in the “Perm Furniture” competition.


Shelf is made for “Center of endowed children development”.

Book shelf
Book shelf

The competition also involved with two project of the chairs: the first concept of a chair with compartment bags and the cesond concept chair with drawer. They were originally designed for a cafe, but the meaning are also available for use in school cafeterias.


Here are some comments written by the jury to the works.


– Expressive projects, each in its own way, such expressiveness is not enough public space, for example, pre-school institutions.


Erken Kagarov



– Schools need to be imformalised and these were three very good products that could all be made and that all display a very simple but good understanding of material, structure and cost….not going to make your eyes pop out but a worthy set of designs.


Ross Lovegrove

Concept of the chairs

The project did

Mikhail Komarov (design, 3D modeling and visualization)

Project like this cost about €1600