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Alians RK

The main business of the company “ALLIANCE RK” is the manufacture of signage using LED technology. LEDs save energy, they have a long life and bright light. Therefore, the logo of the company we decided to display a combination of Led-matrix and the letter “A”. With the help of special script we turned the pictures into stylized vector images in the form of dots, which resemble the discrete image created using a LED-matrix.


Duck and dots
Alians RK Identity
Interactive illustration
We did photography for POS materials and signage for the company’s portfolio.

The project did

Mikhail Komarov (design, 3D modeling and visualization, flash)
Kirill Mikhailov (design, foto)
Sasha Mitrohin (design, 3D modeling and visualization)
Stas Ananin (programming)
Marina Boroda (manager of the project)

Project like this cost about €3300