Сортировка работ в портфолио

Towards the Other

The international art project “Towards the Other” offers the audience a wide range of perspectives on migration, which has become an essential part of Russian and European reality. The society today has been severely influenced by esthetics of global migration and the cultural of any big city in the world represents a colorful combination of traditions, habits, rituals, cuisines and languages. Hence, reflecting on migration processes not only in sociological but also in esthetical terms has become very important for contemporary art in Europe, which has also significantly changed because of migrants.


We thought up the concept of visual images and implemented it for this project. For this purpose we created 3D model of the field with a TV with footage from the works of Mike Ball. All these projects are united by one theme — migration. On the basis of this conceptual images we developed a catalog, brochure, invitation, poster.

Towards the Other. 3D wire

The project did

Mikhail Komarov (design of the project, 3D modeling and visualization)
Kirill Mikhailov (design)
Andrey Losich (layout designer)
Marina Boroda (manager of the project)

Project like this cost about €2000